The spirituality of our congregation is LOVE. “John 15:12 -17”. We fulfill our vocation as Gods witnesses and instruments of salvation by making our institute as a whole based on LOVE and our respective houses into genuine communities of love, And by expressing this love of God through our service to the people. With this love as a community, we should have an attitude of attentiveness and openness to God whose servants we are, so as to daily answer to his call, wherever the Holy Spirit may lead us. (Constitution art No 4).


Our charism is to proclaim the kingdom of God: Mt, 4:23; 24: 14. To serve the church under the guidance of the Holy Spirit by being sensitive to the spiritual and material needs of the people around us through getting involved in various apostolate depending on the signs of the time. So that we may be witnesses of God’s Love for them, and help them to open up to his gift of salvation.( Constitution art No2)


Monsignor St Denis as a founder of the new congregation addressed to the first recruit in the following words. “My dear children you are Mary’s children, know that you are giving yourselves in freedom, pray to our blessed Mother that she may help you to persevere in your vocation. She will help and protect you. That is why your congregation must be called: “Sisters of the Holy Rosary” under the patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of the Holy Rosary.

We try to imitate her in her spiritual and apostolic life with regard to her intimate union with God and to her role in the redemptive mission of Christ and the apostolic mission of the church. (Constitution art No8).