Christian life is lived in a personal love- relationship with God. A mutual love between the Father, the Son, the Spirit and Man. Religious are Christians who have responded to this divine invitation of love. Their love of Christ is personal and total and is expressed by the profession of the religious vows. The life of a sister witnesses to such mutual love between God and man. Through her dedication to the lord, a sister proclaims that God is LOVE and that there is no full happiness here on earth without living in an intimate union with him. Her dedication witnesses and proclaims to the people that our human aspirations, our hopes, desires and joys cannot be fulfilled here on earth but in God in his everlasting Kingdom. The life of a consecrated woman is strengthened by her daily intimacy with Christ in prayer, her constant meeting with Christ through the sacraments, and a life lived in communion with others the community life.

 “Lord where do you live? Come and see” (Jn.1, 38-39). And they became his apostles for the rest of their lives


 Any aspirant interested to join our congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Rosary must be baptized and confirmed catholic un married young lady. A person of prayer and have a deep love for God and people, well behaved and balanced judgment, a lady from a good family background, enjoying good health and having obtained a good form Four or grade twelve school certificate or having already completed school and doing other courses.

 Are you called to become a Rosarian sister?


Write to:  The Vocation Promoter.

                  Mountrosa Community,

                  P.O Box 119.

                  Mzuzu, Malawi.