Chigwere Farm

It is a 3-year project divided into three phases at the moment we are in our second phase and the following are the details:

Phase 1: year 2010 Activities that took place are as follows:

  1. The clearing of the land has been done
  2. The planting of trees around our land has been done and they are growing nicely
  3. The different fruit trees have been planted but still we have to continue as we have not reached our target.
  4. Among the fruit trees we planted some have started producing fruits like bananas, and it is really promising. We had intended to plant 500 suckers which we did , but now we are adding 1,500 more because we have seen that bananas could have a good market 

As our aim is not just to have money for our sustainability, it is also part of our apostolate by touching the lives of those around us, providing employment and sharing with them ways of how to cultivate different crops which would help them to improve the standard of their living.

Phase 2: Year 2011 is in process. Things are moving as planned.

We planted maize and it has done very well. We have been able to get 100 bags of 70kgs. We have planted animal grass for milk cows and made a simple kraal for cows. When these will start producing, we hope to have enough income then we will buy fish and their feeds.

Phase 3: Year 2012 during this period of time we intend to make a reasonable kraal that will be divided into 3 compartments; one for milk cows, one for goats and the other one will be for pigs. We hope that these when they will start giving milk and meat for sale, we shall have enough money to serve our needs and the needs of those people under our care, the orphans, the malnourished and the aged.

Our Sincere thanks go to the Hilton Fund for Sisters in USA who sponsored us for this project. We are grateful to them