So far the sisters have depended on salaries for the running of the congregation. The congregation has grown which means needs have also grown. We need sustainability of the congregation and the apostolate we are engaged in. We can not continue depending on donors all the time. In the eventuality that we have no more donors to support us where would we be? What would happen to all those who are under our care? Those who need assistant. With this in mind we came up with the idea of the garage for two reasons:

  • Repair of our vehicles- we spend a lot of money when repairing vehicles at the garages. We would spend less if we could have our own garage.
  • Income generating- With a good garage and good service extended to the outside for there car repairs we would generate income for our sustainability and sustainability of our apostolate.

With this regard we have trained a Sister in Auto mechanics who is repairing our cars and this has reduced our expenditures on car repairs.

Our sincere thanks go to the Missionaries of Africa through Father Michel Cote who Sponsored us to buy equipment for our sisters to use in repairing cars and partly the money for equipment has been used for constructing a pit and a shed.

Now we are looking for well wishers who would be interested in sponsoring us to have a proper garage so we could be repairing people’s cars.

Our thanks also go to Missio Aachen gave us the scholarship to train sr. Matilda Kajadu who is now doing a good job in repairing our cars . They are also sponsoring another Sister who will be starting Auto mechanics in 2012. Missio has always sponsored us for professional training of our sisters