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Pastoral Ministry

In our life as pastors we are always pushed by the way of life of our founder Msqnr Marcel St. Denis. He believed in EVANGELISATION and DEVELOPMENT. Thus in our pastoral ministry we aim at living our vocation in a truly pastoral spirit according to our Charism and spirituality as stipulated in our constitutions, which has its focal point in being living witnesses of lives to Gods love besides the preaching as a tool for reaching out to people for salvation.(SHR Art.108)

As Pastoral workers, we commit, involve and dedicate ourselves to the lives of the people, make them feel we are present to them and in solidarity with them without looking at there race, color, language or nationality, poor or rich.

We believe and trust that the work of salvation started by our Lord Jesus Christ is still continued through us in this present age. In this regard we give ourselves fully in this Salvific work of our Lord by our way of life, preaching, instructing all the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ at all levels without distinction while being sensitive, open and attentive to the signs of the times.