Mzambazi Community Hospital

Mzambazi Hospital started in 1949 by the Missionary Sisters of the Mary Immaculate Conception (M.I.C) from Canada. Due to aging of their personnel they graciously handed it over to the Sisters of the Holy Rosary in 1994.

The Hospital serves a total population of about 75,000 people within its catchment area and beyond. The Institution is 78km away from a big government hospital Mzimba District, where we refer patients for operation and further management. Most people who live in this catchment area depend on farming and live below the poverty line. Their mode of transport is generally push bicycle, oxcart and foot.

This Community Hospital depends much on Hospital returns i.e. patient’s fees and because the people are poor most of the times they are not able to meet the bills for their treatment. However, the hospital is sometimes compelled to receive whatever they can afford. The hospital serves in access of 900 patients per month. The government of Malawi only provides funds for maternity/Antenatal department. Intercare (UK) does supply assorted drugs once a year. The sisters run a Community Maize Mill and animal farming to help in running of the hospital but the contribution from such sources is not sufficient to cover operation costs.

Being an old hospital, most of the buildings are old and insufficient to accommodate the growing population of our patients. We are trying to change its face but the hospital faces a number of problems and challenges some of which include; Lack of Sterilization; Laundry, Laboratory and Dental Equipment as well as blocks.

Problems and Challenges

The hospital uses a small pot for sterilization, which allows only few utensils to be sterilized at a time. Recently, we have had many cases that come for dental attention. Unfortunately, we only have a small room which is not enough to carry out operations freely. The same applies to the laboratory as well as the laundry.

We are therefore requesting all well wishers to support us in this expansion programme.

Completed Projects;

1. Tovwilane Maize Mill. This is a community maize mill run by the sisters helping in the running of the hospital. This was donated by LAPPEL DU PAUVRE. ST. NORBERT MANITOBA, CANADA.

2. Isolation block. This was donated by the Hilton funds for Sisters in USA.

We appreciate and sincere thank those that have responded to our plea.

Projects underway;

1. Doctors House: This is a self funded Project. So far we’ve injected about MK 284, 000.00. The house is at foundation level. We tried to source funds but we are only getting a faint green light. The house is estimated at MK3.6 Million.