Katete Community Hospital(KCH)

This is a rural hospital under the supervision of the Sisters of the Holy Rosary of the Catholic Decease established in the area of Traditional Authority Mabulabo in Mzimba district. At this hospital there are different projects taking place that includes construction of children’s and male wards, Nutrition rehabilitation Unit, laundry room and construction of Doctors house.

Completed Projects;

Children’s and Male Ward (with funds from Beit Trust)

The construction of the children’s ward was completed and it is now being used. The ward can accommodate a maximum of 30 patients. The ward has assisted in reducing the patients housing by reasonable percentage. The cost for the construction of the Children’s ward is 4 Million Malawi Kwacha). Construction work of the male ward is still under way. This project is funded by Beit Trust to the tune of 5million Malawi Kwacha. We are therefore very grateful to Beit Trust for their timely funding and assistance. This will help us a lot in reaching out to different people who need our services.

Nutrition rehabilitation Unit (With funds from Stephanie Dotto)

With the funding from Stephanie Dotto and her parents from Canada, we have constructed a room in the nutrition rehabilitation unit. This room will assist in providing a conducive environment for feeding activities of under five children who come to the hospital. Before the unit was established, the under five services were done in an open space under a tree. The Nutrition Rehabilitation Unit has been completed and is now operational. A total of 6million Malawi Kwacha was spent on this project. Our sincere thanks go to Stephanie Dotto and her parents in Canada who helped us to put up this unit.

Washing Machine (Heavy Duty) International Hope Canada

The hospital has been blessed with a new heavy duty washing machine bought at the tune of 1.6 million Malawi Kwacha. The purchase was facilitated by Sonia and Marv from Canada. Before the machine was bought, the hospital officials were using hands to clean the patients’ blankets and bed sheets.


Ambulance (Funded by Press Trust)

With support from Press Trust, the hospital has new Toyota Hilux vehicle that works as an ambulance. The vehicle is currently serving at the hospital to provide ambulatory services for the hospital staff and community members. The ambulance is valued at 5.8 million Malawi kwacha. We are grateful to Press trust for the great support. They came to our rescue at the right time. May the almighty God bless them abundantly.


Projects underway;

Houses for Doctors

In realizing the need for the hospital to have proper housing for its staff, the hospital with funds collected from patients’ fees is used for the construction of these houses. As you can see, this is a self- funded project mainly from revenue collected at the hospital from client’s pockets. The hospital also runs a hawker and a restaurant to generate funds for the project. However, these local sources of funds are not enough for the health Institution which is already struggling because of limited resources. Therefore, we are asking people of good will to support us to finish up this project. Please contact us to get more details.