Katete Girls Boarding Primary School

This school has over sixty orphan girls. The initial hostel for these orphans was supported by the Missionaries of Africa through Rev. Father Jesus Esteibarlanda (Spain). The fees and upkeep for some of these girls is being sponsored by the family of Zabaleta, who was introduced to us through the Missionaries of Africa.

Seeing the need to support the orphans, a new hostel was built to accommodate the orphan girls. This was through the Generosity of Emil Nachbauer, through Mr. Markus and the late Mr. Thomas from the Diocese of Feldkirch Austria. In Austria we have a number of families that have taken interest in sponsoring one or two girls in their education.

From the organization of Brother and Sister in Need we have been assisted with a Home Economics block. This has been done with all the necessary materials they provided. In this block, the girls are able to learn different skills which we hope will be helpful to them later in life. There are also other assorted things that have been sponsored by these Austrian friends. We also want to appreciate the visits of Mr. Markus and his group who come to see how the projects were are progressing.