As it was indicated in our last updates that we will have the Big Walk to raise money for the renovation of a house for the sick and elderly sisters, this Big Walk happened on 9 July 2011 to resource funds from the public. The city officials and the police were very co-operative.

We started our Big Walk at St. Peter’s convent the place where the renovation and extension is to take place and our destination was St. Padre Pio Parish which is 12 Kms from St Peter’s Cathedral.

The day was cloudy with light showers dominating the usual cold weather of Mzuzu. The sisters unanimously headed for the streets singing as they went and asking for more help from the public and drivers of vehicles along the main streets of Mzuzu city to St. Padre Pio parish together with Christians of good will from St Peter’s Cathedral and St Padre Pio parish who joined us. We were more than 70 in number.

We had budgeted to raise K 1.1 million from this big walk but un fortunately we only managed to raise half a million Kwacha. Since the money raised is not enough for the intended project, we continue pleading from you people of good will to assist us. Doors are still open .Some of the things needed which you can assist us with are: cement, plumbing materials, timber and other help in kind will be highly appreciated.

Knowing the importance and the urgency of the project we came up with this idea of the big walk as one way of showing all well wishers how serious and concerned we are for the future of our retired sisters.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have contributed to the success of our Big Walk. May God reward you all abundantly.

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