2nd Group Session

The second group session for the preparation of the forth coming general Chapter. The session too place from the 23rd May to 29th May 2011. It was a group of 34 Sisters. Fr. Ephraim Kufankumodzi facilitated this session. It was so enriching and uplifting. There was a lot of sharing and group work. The theme of the session was the theme of the chapter “CALLED TO LEAD EACH OTHER TO THE FATHER, A TRUE WITNESS TO THE GOSPEL”.

The area covered includes:

  • Principle functions of a chapter
  • A life of consecration through the vows.
  • Religious life is a communal life.
  • Our specific mission as Sisters of the Holy Rosary

We thank and praise God for the fruitful time of preparation he gave us and we pray that the Holy Spirit will guide through so that we will have a successful General Chapter in October 2011.

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