Rosarian Sisters Invest in Sustainable Agriculture with Chigwere Farm

Chigwere, Malawi - The Rosarian Sisters, a Catholic congregation, have expanded their presence in Chigwere by investing in sustainable agriculture with Chigwere Farm. The farm is located 20 kilometers from Mzuzu city, where the sisters are constructing a hospital to serve the local community.

The Chigwere Farm, which covers an area of 10 hectares, will be used to grow crops such as maize, soybeans, and groundnuts, as well as rear livestock such as goats, pigs, and chickens. The farm will also utilize sustainable farming techniques, such as crop rotation, composting, and intercropping, to improve soil health and promote long-term sustainability.
According to Sister Flora Mashonga, the farm's manager, the Rosarian Sisters see agriculture as a vital component of sustainable development in the region. "We believe that sustainable agriculture is key to improving food security, reducing poverty, and promoting environmental sustainability. Our goal is to create a model farm that can serve as an example for other farmers in the area."

The farm will also serve as a training center, where local farmers can learn about sustainable farming practices and techniques. The Rosarian Sisters will work with local agricultural organizations and universities to develop training programs and provide support to farmers in the region.

The Chigwere Farm is just one example of the Rosarian Sisters' commitment to sustainable development in the region. The construction of the Chigwere Hospital, located nearby, is another example of their efforts to improve the health and well-being of the local community.

"We see health and agriculture as two sides of the same coin," says Sister Mariarosa Phiri. "Both are critical to sustainable development, and we believe that by investing in both, we can make a real difference in the lives of the people we serve."

The Rosarian Sisters' investment in sustainable agriculture is a welcome development in the region, where many farmers struggle to make a living and food insecurity remains a major challenge. With the Chigwere Farm and the Chigwere Hospital, the sisters are demonstrating their commitment to creating a more sustainable and prosperous future for the people of Chigwere and beyond.