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In our various apostolates we lack a lot of things that would enable us to effectively serve in the Lords Vineyard.

Pastoral ministry needs: Lack of Vehicles prevents us from efficient pastoral ministry since our diocese is very vast covering an area of 35,000 square kilometers, and the underdeveloped communication structures, like roads, telephones, public transport systems. Financial problems hinder us from training and organizing refresher courses for our sisters in this field. Experience shows us that people need us more for spiritual accompaniment than the mare visit we do and most of our sisters are not equipped for it. Need for a sustainable project for financial fundraising to answer to the needs in this ministry.

Health ministry needs: Most of our Community Hospitals and health centers need ambulances for mobile clinics and Primary Health care activities. They also lack finances to purchase medicines and other medical supplies.

Education ministry needs: All our boarding schools need vehicles. The Congregation secretaries need these vehicles for visitations to different institutions. The ministry lacks capacity to fundraise these projects.

Social Ministry Needs: We need a vehicle at the home craft center for carrying raw materials for courses. There is also need to have a sustainable project to fundraise for the center. At St Magdalene handicapped center we need a room for physical therapy, crutches and wheel chairs for the handicapped. Here we have a workshop for carpentry, tailoring and home craft vocational training. The centre lacks finances for administration, food supplies and school items for our children. Lusubiro comprises of three different departments as mentioned earlier on. Therefore, donations of any kind be it money or material will be highly appreciated.

To make a donation please contact:

The Superior General

Sisters of The Holy Rosary

Mountrosa Motherhouse

P.O. Box 119,

Mzuzu, Malawi

C. Africa.

Tel: (+265 ) 01 311 461 / (+265) 01 312 314

Fax: (+265) 01 312 314

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