Formation House of the SHR, Rumphi

The formation originally was at St. Theresa’s Parish where our congregation started in 1951.After the first profession of the 4 sisters in 1955, the Novitiate was transferred to Rumphi in 1956, while the postulate remained in Katete.In 1968 the Postulate too moved to Rumphi.where both the novitiate and Postulate are.

  • The Formation Houses comprises two separate houses, next to each other.
  • Novitiate where one sister is the novice mistress, while the other is the assistant as well as a vacation promoter .At present there are three novices.
  • Postulate where one sister is the postulant mistress. At present there are seven Postulants.
  • There is also a full time chaplain who helps with the spiritual matters of the formation and teaching of some subjects