St. Denis Parish, Rumphi

Since 1972

Here we are involved in a number of things:

  • St Patrick’s Health Center, an Out –patient’s clinic with Maternity wing, Mother and childcare. One sister works at the center as a sister in charge.
  • Women development: one sister is running the home craft center for 32 women (giving course in home craft, cooking, sewing, knitting, adult literacy classes, and gardening) one retired teaching sister is giving classes to these women .in writing reading and Bible spirituality with the aim of advancing the development and dignity of these women. As we are intending to have a boarding School to carter for even those who could come from other parishes, two sisters have been sent to school at Phwezi Technical to assist at the school.
  • One Sister works at St.Magdalena Hand capped Children Center as matron and administrator for 15 boys and 12 girls. These children are following classes at a near by Primary School. Since many of these children will not qualify for secondary education, there is need of having a workshop for carpentry and home craft in a view of preparing these hand capped children for being able to help themselves as far as this will be possible for them.
  • St Beat factory, where we are making the alter bread for all the parishes in the diocese.
  • A sister teaching at the Spiritual formation Centre for boys who are aspiring for priesthood.