St Peters Parish (Cathedral at Mzuzu City)

Since 1966

Here we are engaged in the following activities:

  • One sister is doing full time parish pastoral work at the Cathedral Parish, comprising at the same time outstations in rural areas
  • One sister is full time involved at Diocesan level in lay apostolate as adviser to different lay movements (legio,Cathoric women organization. womama wa chitemwano,Third order of St Francis, Youth movements and all activities in women development )
  • One sister is full time involved at diocesan level as Mzuzu Diocesan Health Board as a co-ordinatorof all Health facilities in the Diocese.
  • One sister is working at St Johns hospital as a nurse/midwife.
  • One sister is doing her nursing course at St Johns Nursing School
  • One Sister is teaching at Lunyangwa Girls Primary School.
  • Two of our sisters in this house are sickly and the other one is due to age, she one of our founding members. They help in the community with whatever they can do. There is another sister who is trying to upgrade herself by attending classes at a near by secondary schools as to gate a Malawi School Certificate of Education.(MSCE)