Welcome To The Sisters Of The Holy Rosary Website

Through this website we hope to reach as many people as possible with our spiritual and apostolate work hence create understanding about our Purpose and objectives; which are, to proclaim the kingdom of God through service in love under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and by being sensitive and responsive to Human needs, build a more Human world, be involved in the Mission of the Church with an ear and readiness to serve holistically and to make the good news true to everyone.

We praise and thank God for the care he shows us in different ways. We also thank all the people who have helped and continue to help us in many ways in terms of material and Spiritual needs from both within and outside Malawi. May the almighty God bless them abundantly.

In all our undertakings, we acknowledge that the Lord has been moving with us, in times of Sorrow, Joy, and in all Hardships. He has continued holding us by his right hand.

Lastly, we invoke our Mother Virgin Mary, Queen of the Holy Rosary, our Patroness to help us fulfill our religious vocation with love and generosity for the benefit of all the people we serve. May the Lord help us to live our life according to our Charism and Spirituality, as we follow the footsteps of our Lord Jesus and Savior.

Be blessed as you browse our web site.